…on the value of reproductive choice.
I Want a Second Baby. My Husband Doesn’t, in New York Magazine, October 2016
how does a couple decide to have another baby?
I Had a Baby in Europe; Here’s What It Did to Me, in New York Magazine, April 2016
on cultural clashes & modern motherhood.
That Was Us: An Expat’s Search for Home, on The Millions, Dec. 2015
on life abroad coming to an end.
Don’t Tell Me It’ll All Be Worth it, on The Manifest-Station, August 2015
…on what NOT to say to a pregnant woman.
Flirting with Disaster, in Marie Claire, May 2015
…on the dramatic story of how I met my husband. (Only in print.)
…on why I don’t post photos of my child online (a debate, with Lauren Apfel).
When a Child Speaks a Language You Don’t, in the Washington Post, March 2015
…on mothering a bilingual child.
Finding the American Dream in Europe, on Medium, January 2015
…on living and mothering abroad.
…who is a woman protecting when she conceals the first trimester of pregnancy?
The Disappearing First Year in Brain, Child Magazine, September 2014
…in which I explore the complex first year of motherhood.
Becoming Three: The Myth of Instant Family in The Toast & Motherwell, June 2014 
…in which I debunk the myth that having a baby makes you a family.
The Illuminated in The Morning News, March 2014
…in which I write about growing up in the shadow of two stillbirths.
The Secrets We Keep on Mother Sugar, December 2012
…in which I tackle the early months of pregnancy.
The Language of Another World: A New Yorker in Munich in The Millions, March 2012…in which I frequent a German pool and try to make sense of life in a foreign land.
Dance Me to the End of Love on Longreads, January 2018
…in which injury thwarts a dance career.
On the Ground in The Nervous Breakdown, March 2014
…in which I share what life is like for a downtown modern dancer in NYC.
The Earth Moved in Dance Magazine, October 2007
…in which I swoon over Paul Taylor and the act of art-making.
Dancing with the Dead in Nextbook, July 2007
…in which I remember my grandmother, who was also a modern dancer.
On the Road with C.J. and the Demons in The New York Times, July 2006
…in which The West Wing tells me what to do with my life.
…on the wild guru who made me rethink everything I thought I knew about the body.
…on marrying a nomad.
...on the murder of a UCLA Professor.
In Dodge Hall with Oliver Sacks, on Guernica, September 2015
…a remembrance of the late writer-neurologist.
…on the unlikely guru who got me out of pain and taught me something about style.
…how the mass murder of 14 women impacted me as a daughter, feminist, and mother.
Facebook Knock-Up in The Faster Times, October 2012 (republished on RoleReboot)
in which a weird interaction on Facebook makes me rethink the boundaries of our privacy.
The Story Doc in O: The Oprah Magazine, July 2012
…in which I write about Rita Charon, who founded the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia Medical School.
The Signing Dilemma in The Faster Times, November 2011
…in which my idol, Joan Didion, signs my book and I feel weird about it.
My Chosen People in The Forward, April 2008
…in which I finally have a real Passover Seder.
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One thought on “Essays

  1. just read “on the road with cj”. so great abs–i’m so proud of you. i will definitely be spending a lot of time today reading your essays, and NOT doing my work. So, thanks for that! Seriously though, I’m really proud of you. Hope you are enjoying your european adventure. we’re all living vicariously through you…–ari

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