Teaching, Editing & Contact

Write with me!

I’m currently offering two small workshops on Zoom for anyone who would like to explore creative writing in these treacherous times.

The next two sessions will begin in April 2020.

Both classes run for 12 weeks, but meet every **two weeks** (so six weeks of class time, for the mathematically impaired among us, which includes me).


Email me for more details: abigail.rasminsky@gmail.com

As a professional writer, ghostwriter & editor, I am happy to help you with your:

  • Fiction or nonfiction writing (essays, stories, book-length project)
  • Thesis/dissertation
  • Academic talk/paper
  • Business proposal
  • School/job letter and/or application
  • College application: Personal Statements for American and British Schools
  • I also tutor students of all levels, from elementary school to university students.

Please contact me for rates or if you’d like to see a sample of an editing job:



6 thoughts on “Teaching, Editing & Contact

  1. Paul PANCOE

    Hi, Abby.
    I love the way you write.

    I was looking for part 2 on Noelle Perez. Did I miss it?

    Can you direct me or send a link?


  2. Stella Liu

    Hi, Abby! I am a Chinese student who studies translation. My team chose one of your articles, Dance Me to the End of Love, to translate as our homework. We’d like to ask for your permission of translating it. (We won’t use our translation in business) Best wishes for you!

  3. Abigail Rasminsky

    Hi Ruth,

    I consulted with my editor and Healthline does not give permission for republication, and frankly, neither do I, especially without an offer of payment, so I’ll have to say no.

    Good luck!

  4. bridget serafimidis

    I read an article of yours, about you coming to terms with just having one child, I have tears streaming down my face as I am in the same position. I would love another my husband is a firm no.
    I would love to know how you moved fwd from that xx

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