I think I overdid it on the stripes.


My name is Abby, but in print I always go by Abigail Rasminsky. If you call me Abigail in real life, I will likely not realize you’re talking to me.

I’m a writer. In my former life, I was a professional modern dancer and yoga teacher in New York. I performed at LaMama ETC, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, and Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors; and taught vinyasa and prenatal yoga at OM Yoga. In 2005, I went off to Naropa University in Boulder to pursue my MFA in dance and theater, but while there, I herniated two disks in my lower back and was forced to stop dancing for good.

I was 28 and had no idea what to do with myself. Fortuitously (!?), I had studied English and Creative Writing at Oberlin College, so I started writing emails to friends describing this unexpected change. I sold one of these emails-turned-essays to The New York Times. Since then I’ve been published in other wonderful places: O: The Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Food52, Marie Claire, Electric LiteratureThe Cut @ New York Magazine, Lenny Letter, Longreads, Epicurious, Racked, Guernica, The Morning News, The Toast, The EstablishmentBrain, Child, Motherwell MagazineThe Forward, The Faster Times, The Millions, What’s Up MomsNextbook (now Tablet), Modern Loss, Healthline, Hunker, and Dance Magazine. I wrote a series for Rebel Girls about parenting abroad.

I completed my MFA in nonfiction writing at Columbia University in 2011, and served as a Teaching Fellow in the Undergraduate Creative Writing program. I am now a Lecturer in the Program in Narrative Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. I also teach creative writing to medical students in the HEAL (Humanities, Ethics/Economics, Arts and Law) Program at KECK, and workshops from my home.

A native of Montreal, I lived in Brooklyn for 12 years before moving to Vienna, Austria. After four years as an expat, I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and daughter. For more on my teaching, editing and tutoring services, click here. These days I’m writing a weekly love letter on Tiny Letter. You can sign up here. Or you can follow me on Twitter, which is not as much fun.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Nicole Brooks

    I just read your article about the first trimester of pregnancy. GOD BLESS YOU WOMAN. You are raising the EXACT questions I have been asking myself & my close friends about our society. I’ve lost a baby at 24 weeks, had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, and am currently pregnant & almost 9 weeks again. Needless to say, I’m living the exact isolationist hell you mentioned. And when I went through those experiences…EVERYONE came out of the woodworks to tell me about their personal stories & all the people they know that have had miscarriages or lost pregnancies. “What the hell?!?” I remember asking…why the hell do we NOT talk about something that happens 20% of the time. Your article is even more important to me because after reading, my husband now “gets it”. He actually sent it to me! Thank you so much for writing what I’m sure millions of women are experiencing & thinking. You’ve given me motivation to STOP hiding my pregnancy & to start being more honest with everyone in my life. And fuck it if something bad happens….I needed all of them those first 2 times & I’ll need them again if something bad happens. Thank you again…you are amazing!

    1. Abigail Rasminsky

      Nicole, How lovely of you to write (and how late I am in responding! I’m so sorry!). Thanks for sharing your story — this is such a mystery to me, why we don’t talk about it more. I hope the pregnancy has gone brilliantly and that you are all well. x

  2. Carol Patterson

    Abby, as one of the Educators that worked with you all those summers ago, I read your recent article in The Washington Post with excitement and with great interest. In sharing your experiences with others you are connecting with Parents in a real way and inturn, educating the Educators. Thank you for your great insights, they will help me as I work wih families in the future.
    Well done! Carol Patterson, Montreal

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