“Little” Grandpa and The List

Can I tell you a story about how some essays come into being?

I first wrote this piece, about my grandfather’s death and the secret I didn’t know about his work and his life, in college, oh, 20+ years ago. I wrote it as fiction, because it was a fiction-writing class and I didn’t know that I wasn’t really a fiction writer and I figured, what the hell? Who will know this is all true?

Over a decade later, I resurrected it for a workshop in graduate school, this time in its proper memoir form. Then, a few months ago, I decided to take a look at it again, make a few more changes, and send it off.

So what you’re reading here — or what you will read here, please and thank you so much! — is a piece that started in 1999 and is now seeing the light of day in 2019. Sometimes this is how it goes.

You can read about it all here. xoxox

2 thoughts on ““Little” Grandpa and The List

  1. patmcnees

    That brought back memories and I wasn’t even there! I thought of them as Grandpa Bagel and Grandpa Croissant, and I never even noticed that George was so short his feet would dangle or that he would be so quiet that you would notice it. You did a great job capturing how it felt as a child to live through such a scary event. I hope you will persuade your mother and uncles to write about the blacklist as they remember those years. Or that you will work your way toward writing about it from what you learn from them.

  2. Nancy Hausner

    Ab, So great to be reminded of your grandparents. Hope we talk before I leave. Love Nancy

    Sent from my iPad


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