The Earth Moved: On Paul Taylor

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 10.16.12 AM.png

Paul Taylor, a legend of the dance world, was the first dance I ever saw, at age 4, at Jacob’s Pillow. I fell in love right there.

He died yesterday, at age 88, and will be so deeply missed.

Over ten years ago I wrote an homage to my favorite piece of his, “Esplanade,” for Dance Magazine. The dance still makes me weep.

To see this marvelous piece of choreography, click here. Do yourself a favor and watch all five parts.


One thought on “The Earth Moved: On Paul Taylor

  1. daniel sklar

    Dear Ab,

    I finally watched Esplande. As you said, it’s wonderful—so vibriant, so rich in imagery. And it’s my niece Ab’s fav’.

    Many thanks and much love,

    D. Judah


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