How a Crazy Old French Woman Cured my Chronic Back Pain — and Healed my Soul


Happy Friday! I’m delighted to be in Lenny today, with the story of how I healed from chronic back pain. If you want to go back and read Part 1 of the story on Longreads — all about my dance career — click here.

I’d love to hear all about your woes of pain and (hopefully) recovery.



4 thoughts on “How a Crazy Old French Woman Cured my Chronic Back Pain — and Healed my Soul

  1. Thank you for giving me hope that there is an other side to the constant sciatic over-ruling of your life. Now to find my Noelle….

  2. I loved this and I always really enjoy your work. I’m super looking forward to your memoir! Alice Marchand introduced me to your work when she was living in Dublin. I think the first piece I read was in the Oprah magazine about narrative medicine which was great. (I’m just starting a PhD in Creative Writing in the UK with a focus on memoir and will be looking at narrative medicine studies.) Anyways, keep up the great work!!

  3. This is as beautiful as you first piece on Noelle “The Parisian Yoga Witch”.

    For someone like me who has been defined by his pain and body shape every minute for more than a decade, reading onwards from “And after months of daily practice, something started to happen” brought tears. I’ve read lots of the books in English based on Aplomb but it hasn’t helped much . I’ve applied for a visa to France to start going there!

    Hope part 2 is soon.

    Beautiful picture to go with the article. Who painted it?

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