The Cure for Back Pain, Plus Fashion Advice

A million Fifteen years ago (when did we all get so old?), I was a professional modern dancer in New York. A hundred thousand ten years ago, I got injured, and the injury — two herniated discs in my lower back — eventually ended my career.

I did everything shy of seeing a Shaman I could think of to heal, but nothing worked, until —


went to Versailles saw a brilliant but terrifying yogini/witch in Paris, who taught me how to sit (see above) and stand (see below) anew. She also taught me how to dress like a real Parisian woman.


I just wrote about it for Racked. I’d be delighted if you took a peek.

Miracles are possible.


5 thoughts on “The Cure for Back Pain, Plus Fashion Advice

  1. Tara marino

    I cannot believe I came across your post…on the way to my second Noëlle Aplomb lesson! I arrive feeling confused and a bit hopeless after my first session. I understood and yet didn’t understand anything. I’ve spent the past two days ‘trying’ (I know she says don’t try;). To stand correctly with my base out, spine draw. Up…argghhhh I’ve been in pain for so long I just don’t want it to hurt all the time! It would be nice to put my French lace panties on without having to balance on a wall to manage the pain you know? Loved hearing that it assisted you. I know you said you were here for two months (we live here, expats from the states). Can you share with me how often you went to class and is the pain still gone? I weep at night sometimes going between spaces in my life where I just ignore the pain (and that my left leg from but to knee is numb) to breaking down and seriously asking God for divine intervention so I can fully heal.

    1. Abigail Rasminsky

      You’re a brave woman! Noelle is…difficult. I felt absolutely no relief for weeks and weeks and felt like a ridiculous failure for even being there (isn’t it NUTS???). But then it all started to slowly make sense. But believe me: I was incredibly desperate. I’d done everything else. She also sent me to an incredible osteopath, but sadly he passed away last year. Maybe she has found another one? (Ask her.) I went to every class I could — Noelle, Anne, Ginette and Georgia. Not sure they’re all still teaching, though? I think it basically came to 4x or 5x a week and I really tried to live the principles of it outside of class. You can also email me directly and we can chat.

      1. Tara

        Would love to connect…have not seen Anne/Georgette/George yet but yes they are still here. I’m certainly desperate as well. 5 years and everything from osteopath/chrispractic/mri/injections…yoga etc etc etc;)
        Couldn’t locate your direct email would you possibly email me Sending great success your way in 2016

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