My Kid Speaks German! I Don’t!

Today I revealed that I don’t understand most of what my daughter says speaks German. Luckily for her, I don’t. Motherhood is so complicated.

Head on over to the Washington Post for my take on language acquisition, the power of circumstance in shaping parental identity, and children’s earliest individuations — or, put more simply, on being the dumb American at my kid’s daycare.


3 thoughts on “My Kid Speaks German! I Don’t!

  1. Cass

    Wow, thank you, I really needed to read this article today! An Australian parenting in Bavaria, trying to organise a birthday party for my 5yo son with kindergarteners & their (somewhat aloof & nonplussed) parents. I don’t think they ‘do’ kinder parties that much? Of course, the language barrier makes it especially difficult. (My boys translate for me!) This really made me feel less alone, best wishes to your Familie.

  2. Mark

    Cass and Abigail. As an Australian with a Chinese wife and a now 7 year old daughter born in Bavaria I am constantly astounded at her language acquisition and embarrassed at how poorly my German has developed in the more than 7 years living here. We left the German up to her day care mother first and then the kindercrippe (Pre-kindergarten daycare) and then kindergarten and now first grade of school and she speaks like a native. While developing both her English and Mandarin at an amazing rate.

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