Well, Hello!

I forgot this blog existed I’ve been so absent! I’m so sorry. Mea culpa. Je m’excuse. I’ve missed you.

I can explain. I swear. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing very busy.

2012-12-04 01.57.07

Also, I’ve been unfaithful writing for another blog. You can read the whole explanation for my absence here.

Now that this news is out in the world, I’ll be puking without shame writing more about it.

I’ve been so touched by the comments on the site and would love to hear from you, too.


2 thoughts on “Well, Hello!

  1. peter matzka

    read the other blog. alles klar. if you need comfort food (or just food) call or come over…need your e-mail:
    i want to send you some infos re next week, when my 86yr old aunt is here for a book presentation and a discussion about leftist jewish women and there visions of utopia… in english ( or with translation)!! lg p

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