Friday Haiku Post.

There is so much so little to say about this. Pass a barf bag spoon.

Sturm, on the other hand, might turn me into an alcoholic makes me want to stand up and cheer. Cold and fizzy and sweet — it sort of tastes like you’re drinking fresh berries — and full of alcohol.

Have I mentioned that Vienna is like going back in time? (Everyone beyond that sign is going to die of lung cancer smoking.)

After our Thank God we survived another week here Thursday night dinner of schnitzel & sturm, we got stuck in a rainstorm. It was actually quite wet romantic. While we waited for the tram under an awning I learned to say, “Can I please take this to go?” (Having only eaten half my schnitzel at dinner, I had the rest in a doggy bag. It was the size of a large dinner plate. Ask me about how my pants are fitting.) Can I remember it this morning? Are you kidding? Of course.


9 thoughts on “Friday Haiku Post.


    Have you been to the famous Sacher tort cafe yet ( can’t remember the name of it)? you should just go ahead and buy bigger pants I think….

    1. Abigail Rasminsky

      No! I have to find it, although I feel like there are probably several famous Sacher Torte cafes? We are off to London in a few weeks. I will definitely be buying some (stretchy) new pants. xo

      1. Bitter en Zoet

        It’s in the Sacher Hotel. I stayed there once for work. Like living in a mint green wedding cake. I had the scariest spa appointment there ever. Austrian spa mistress: not to be trifled with.

        go to the symphony at least once. or the ballet where the orchestra plays. you have to love Vienna a little after that.

  2. Pat McNees

    I remember, when I was in Vienna, buying a copy of a housekey for the place we were staying in. It cost $36 and that was almost 20 years ago! Are things expensive?

    1. Abigail Rasminsky

      No more expensive than anywhere else in Europe, but for some reasons, keys are impossible to copy — costly and insanely bureaucratic. You have to basically give over your first child for a copy of a key.

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