Yes, That’s Us.

We made the Vows column in The New York Times! We are dying of embarrassment thrilled. (David has coined me the “shyest lover of attention” he’s ever met.)

To be frank, David and I can hardly believe we made it under the Huppah at all. When we came home from our four-day-long hurricane wonderland first date last August, I told my friends that if I had known how it would all go down (no power, no running water, no phone, no flushing toilets), I would never have let a total stranger who had written to me out of the blue and could possibly be a total psycho David sleep in my bed, protect me from bears and falling trees, hang out with my parents  read Crossing to Safety to me in the dark.

A shot from the hurricane. I took this after David moved a tree trunk out of the road.

Although David’s education alone would have gotten us into Vows (he totally outscores me), I actually had to force the poor New York Times fact checker to read the How We Met portion of the “application” (really, it’s an application, and really, I kept him on the phone and waited while he went through it: “It’s very eventful,” he finally admitted). Anyway, you can read The Times’ very lovely version here. You can read my original hereAnd you can read the piece that got it all started hereI have often said that if I could go back in time and tell that lonely and confused 29-year-old that one 900-word essay would eventually garner her a husband, she would never have believed me.


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