Germans have a million words for Goodbye

As a writer, I was convinced I thought a lot about words. But when you live with a linguist, words take on a whole new dimension. Every root and meaning is accounted for. It’s exhausting exhilarating. Anyway, this is all to say, I now know that Germans have a lot of words for saying goodbye. Just leaving a store, you say goodbye nine different ways (ciao! tschuss! auf wiedersehen!). There are different goodbyes for different times of the day, etc. Anyway, today’s post is heavy on photos and light on words because all my words have been packed away we are leaving tomorrow morning and I can’t think straight wanted to share a few farewell-to-Munich images. Also, I don’t really know how to say ciao! tschuss! auf wiedersehen!  goodbye to this experienceThis time tomorrow we’ll be watching episode after episode of Parenthood and sobbing flying over the Atlantic. Here are a few shots I haven’t shared.


A wall partly destroyed during the war — and many, many bikes. (Bicyclists are deadly here have the right of way. In related news, barely anyone in Munich is overweight.)

Shut the fuck up Scholarship (this image is in the hallway of the Thesaurus linguae Latinae).

Our darling London hostess, practicing yoga in her backyard.

The conservative Shul in Munich. For obvious reasons, the actual prayer room is underground. We went to services once, and although David and I had to sit separately (the women were sort of half hidden), the Rabbi’s young daughters were dancing around the Bimah. This was confusing.

The Munich Opera House. After I took this, I was almost arrested my phone was almost confiscated. We saw an awful mediocre Jerome Robbins piece and a Jiri Kylian piece that blew my mind.

We got engaged. Then we ate pizza.

David got me on a bike for the first time in 5 years. I love it so much I might leave him for it never drive a car again. (Mom, don’t worry, I was riding on the sidewalk.)

We finally convinced someone else to hang out with us take our picture.

Okay, back to cleaning. More substance to come. I swear.


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