Life From Here…

…looks something like this:

And like this:

And, finally, like this:

Apparently the only way I can write a damn thing is by tearing myself away from wedding blogs (kill me) surrounding myself with something I have absolutely zero interest in Latin. I’ve been like Dolly Parton a 9-5 girl these days, going to the TLL — the Thesaurus linguae Latinae — where my hubby-to-be writes entries for a Latin dictionary. (No, not a joke. An astonishing project I wrote about here.) Those little filing cabinets are stuffed with tiny slips of paper, each documenting where and when a specific Latin word has been referenced in the past, like, gazillion years.  (I sit near M, so look at “murmur” and “murmurous” all day.) He’s finishing up the word “refuge.” Before that he worked on “recognize” for — I kid you not — six months. Talk about craziness patience.

Working in a library with no internet, where it has taken a rotating crew of scholars — again, I kid you not — 112 years to get from the letter A to the letter R, I have a whole new perspective on the word slow perseverance. Totally and completely refreshing.


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