A Passover Riddle for Jew

You have nowhere to go on Passover, so you host a Seder on the Lower East Side with a bunch of goys. A year later, you write about it. Three years later, you re-post the essay on Facebook. What happens next?

1) People think you’re pathetic smart for posting such a dated stellar piece of work.

2) Jews take such pity on you that it garners you an invitation to your favorite Cantor’s house for a lovely Passover Seder.

3) An extremely thoughtful friend decides to pass it along to this guy, a complete stranger who lives in Munich.

What happens next?

1) Nothing.

2) A few months later you get a letter from a freak perfectly lovely man but ignore it.

3) A few months later said man decides to write you a letter. You write back. This leads to many, many, many more letters.

Those letters lead to what?

1) Nothing.

2) Lots of Skype calls, which eventually lead to a face-to-face meeting here.

3) Lots of Skype calls, which eventually lead to a first face-to-face meeting in this.


Which eventually leads to what?

1) Nothing.

2) The realization that a cross-Atlantic courtship is an idiotic venture.

3) This:

Answer: 3, down the line (except for the first question — the Cantor did invite me to dinner). Let’s just say that when I published this essay three years ago, I never ever, ever, ever imagined it would end in love.

Passover is now my favorite holiday. May yours be full of joy, health, family, friends, & a full heart.


3 thoughts on “A Passover Riddle for Jew

  1. errahn

    This is by far one of my favorite entries. I dig the way you incorporate inner dialogue, humor, and such emotion. This use of pics and links brings the essence of your words to life. I am crying laughing right now…

    Happy Passover from a distant reader!

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