Have You Been to London?

My next question is: Did it make you fat? I swear to God, these Harrods All Butter Crunch Biscuits — pictured at right, yes one of them is half eaten — are going to be the death of me. David tried to convince me that they were semi-healthy because they contain oats. (Oats are listed after flour, salted butter and brown sugar.)

He and I bought said death-sentence treats on a wonderful week-long trip to Oxford and London, where we stayed with dear family friends in Hampstead. We barely left the gorgeous five-story townhouse went to the National Portrait Gallery where we looked for the nap room were convinced that every single portrait was of Freud. We also drank a lot of Guinness tea and ate an absurd number of scones with clotted cream and jam. I almost got run over every single day once before getting used to looking RIGHT when crossing the street.

The highlight of the trip was a long morning talk I had with our 70-year-old hostess. She lived most of her adult life in Nepal and India and practices yoga and meditation for four hours a day. She reminded me that for neurotics like us — East Coast Jews — meditation practice helps us “get out of our own way.” We practiced the complete yoga breath together (or what others call three-part breath): inhale into your low belly, mid-belly, upper chest; then exhale from the bottom up. After a brief session, we both landed a little more firmly on the earth. (She employs it during family vacations. Take note.) So I’m hereby re-committing to a sitting and brief pranayama (or breathing) practice once a day.

After that, I’ll have a cookie. One needs incentive after all.

In other news, if you haven’t yet read my piece about Munich — in which you’ll learn all you ever wanted to know about German pools! — you can do so HERE. I’ll love you forever. If you repost it, I’ll love you into my next life. xox

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