On German Pools, Linguists, & the Meaning of Language

I am very happy to share the news that I have a piece up on The Millions today! It’s my first pseudo-love letter to Munich, and also to David (or, the first one I am sharing with all of you). Here we are (not) drying our hair and looking uncharacteristically serious after a lunchtime trip to the Nordbad, our favorite German pool, which you’ll read all about in the essay by clicking HERE.

On a side note, the book that’s leaning against the mirror — French: A Linguistic Introduction — was, no joke, David’s tram reading. This will make more sense after you read the essay and find out a tad more about him. My tram reading usually looks more like this.

Let me know what you think! xo

Oh, and PS: I’ve finally joined Twitter, so help me God, so you can follow me here!

One thought on “On German Pools, Linguists, & the Meaning of Language

  1. Sonja Christensen

    Loved your Millions post! As a Canadian who has visited Germany several times, your words really touched me. Sometimes it’s like being on another planet. But it’s a wonderful planet where you can drink your cappuccino in Marienplatz in February with a blanket on your lap. Thank you and enjoy your time in Munich!

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