Week II: Five Things I Liebe About Munich.

Or: Fünf Münchner Dinge, die mir gefallen (“Five Munich things that I like”).


We’ve been here a little over two weeks now, so I’ve finally accumulated enough information to make a comprehensive very rudimentary list of things I adore about living in Bavarian Country.

1. At heart, I’m really neurotic a simple girl, so I like a life of ease. I’ll start with the basics: Our building has a trash chute. A trash chute! I mean, what is this, 1980s Manhattan? We also have an elevator, which, if you know anything about me and my body, you know is the greatest gift a girl could get (other than a washer/dryer, but we’re starting small). No more trudging outside in my pajamas and Crocs with a bag o’ trash. Woohoo!

2. You have to pay for plastic bags in the grocery store! This, of course, means that people bring their own bags. These folks also actually recycle. They insert their plastic bottles into a machine that then spits out coupons to be used at that grocery store in return. More on the preservation side: Have you ever taken a shower in Germany? Let’s just say that the water is off for most of the, uh, experience — unless, that is, you want to douse the whole bathroom and everything in it, which, believe me, I’ve done — but it certainly saves water.

3. The beer yogurt: Rosebud, Mango, Violet. Yum.

4. The pool. Germans take their pools as seriously as New Yorkers take their figures gyms and yoga studios — they’re open all day, everyday. Ours even has a tram stop named after it: Nordbad. The dressing room is co-ed. One day I’ll explain how this works, but suffice it to say, I’ve seen things.

5. Being on the same continent as my man. Had to be said.

Okay, clearly I need to get out more.


One thought on “Week II: Five Things I Liebe About Munich.

  1. patmcnees

    No, no. Stay home in your apartment and write more blogs. They’re delightful.
    I used to grade papers for Wallace Stegner. And we have to pay for our bags now, too (five cents, Maryland), and I am still not used to carrying my bags with me so I sometimes have to pay it.
    xx Pat

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